Cats Meow Toy

Cats Meow Toy
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Cat's Meow
The Cats Meow Toy from As Seen on TV

All cat people know how cats love to play. They love chasing things - even other cats - and a rolling ball is something they cannot resist. They are also entranced by shiny objects and fast moving toys of any kind. The Cats Meow toy is the ultimate in cat toy heaven.

It is brightly colored, fast moving and has a motor that never stops. It can also make more than one kitty happy at a time as it is large enough for at least two cats to play with it at the same time. From kitten to senior feline, they all will love this unique toy.

  • Hours of entertainment for your cat – and the family
  • Healthy exercise for your friend
  • A practically indestructible nylon that won’t rip
  • Mimics the action of a mouse running around
  • Comes in a number of bright colors
  • It’s like an undercover mouse trying to constantly escape

While cats reportedly sleep up to 16 hours a day, they do love their exercise (as well as their food). As a cat owner, it is important that you give your cat the chance to exercise on a daily basis. This not only keeps your feline friend trim and healthy, but if you give them a toy that they can run after and play with, they will be less inclined to seek their exercise in destructive ways. Many cat owners, who ignore playing with their cats, can tell sad stories of cats climbing up the curtains or scratching your favorite leather recliner.

The great thing about the Cats Meow toy is that it can keep your cat occupied for quite a while because it has lots of options. It is battery operated and is very robust - so when your fifteen pound cat pounces on it, it still works and the motor keeps on running. The yellow circular material is made of nylon which is very durable and even cats with the sharpest claws cannot make a tear in it.

One of the main reasons why cats love this toy is that it actually mimics a mouse racing around and the toy also can change its speed and direction at random so your cat will not be bored with the same old rhythm.

When you see how happy your cat is and what enjoyment he or she gets out of the Cats Meow toy, you will feel great too. It is a purr-fect present for a fellow cat lover friend or neighbor. In fact when you see how happy your cat is, you will want to order more for other cats you love.

Customer reviews for the Cats Meow toy have been off the charts – most of them being pleasantly surprised about the durability and very happy with the exercise that it provides for their friend and the entertainment it provides for the family. In fact while older cats may not warm up to it as fast as little kittens, you will find that in the end your senior cannot resist it either! Despite cats having very different temperaments, they do all love to play and the Cats Meow toy is a perfect choice.

OFFER DETAILS: The Cats Meow Toy is available for $19.95 plus $7.95 S/H – but when you order one, you will receive another one FREE for just the cost of S/H. You will receive two sets for a total of $35.85 at checkout. Note: Enter quantity of “1” and you will receive this offer.

Note: This product currently processes & ships directly from the manufacturer – please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.

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Price: $19.95
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
Product rating
  • Author: genie
    The toy lasted for 1/2 hour. The cat loved the toy but it's a piece of junk. I tried different batteries & the ones I had were of good quality. Nothing works so $27.00 shot to hell. In the trash it goes.
  • Author: Bob Derr
    What a scam! I ordered ONE toy and they sent me FOUR toys and charged shipping and handling for all four items to the tune of $66.78! I called their customer service and they insisted they could only refund $14.99! PLUS, both of our cats just looked at the toy and walked away! I recommend that you DO NOT purchase!!!!
  • Author: Danny Thompson
    I agree Bob, what a scam. I placed an order and made a mistake during the order, by the time i realized it, i had checked the purchase button and it quoted what my purchase price was. I ended up with 4 orders. I then made a purchase for another order for bogo offer and got that single order. I returned the first order that cost 140.00 dollars and the only refunded 62.96. I called and asked why and they said they get to keep shipping and handling on returned item's. On this product i would NOT reccomend it to anyone. The 1 i kept of the 2 units in it, they are junk. One worked good the first day and went to junk, the motor got slower and slower. Now it just barely goes, even with fresh batteries. The secound unit in the order, was junk from the get go. It ran slow from the start. It's dead. Please spend your money else where, and your cats will be just as happy. I lost over 100.00 dollars in all this and wish i had better investigated this before buying it.
  • Author: Jackie
    Scammed at order processing. I ordered 1 at 19.99 and get one free. Order processed at 25.99 TWICE. Cannot get anyone on phone. I sent message to them and will try to cancel throughout credit card.
  • Author: Denise
    My cats will soon have this destroyed. Also ordering is very sneaky. I only wanted 1 but was sent 2
    caveat emptor
  • Author: Kym
    Same here, somehow 4 were ordered. They have NO edit button.Will send it back! suppose I'll get screwed...didn't see this before I ordered...a**holes...
  • Author: Amy
    My cats had the circle material ripped at the edge within 5 minutes. There is no instructions on how to return the product. Not good.
  • Author: CDC
    Cat knows better then to try and play with this extremely fragile toy. She has learned to ignore it.
  • Author: Christia
    I just received in the mail from another place and I placed the batteries in, pushed the button, once round, made noises and quit...What a piece of s..t...
  • Author: pmk
    This piece of junk last one day! Motor over heats within 5 minutes and gears last about 10 minutes. SCAM!!!!!!
  • Author: Barbie
    It would be a great Cat toy, if only it worked. The first one died on me. The second one stops whenever it wants. It could be a great toy if they would correct the problems with it. Also, I don't like that there is wire along the inside edge of the yellow cloth.
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