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Dream Lites Pillow Pets
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Dream Lites Pillow Pets Night Lights - Bring a Little Light to Bedtime!

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How many times has your little one wandered into your bedroom because a bad dream woke them? A fear of the dark is natural for us all, but there is no reason why your precious little one has to deal with it on their own.

The creators of the As Seen on TV Mega-Hit Pillow Pets, now bring you an awesome new product that will make bedtime a much anticipated part of the day for any child – check out the all new DreamLites Night Lite from Pillow Pets!

More than just some cute stuffed creature, Dream Lites actually contain built in night lights which shine a pattern onto the ceiling or whatever surface your child wants to illuminate. The stars that the Dream Lites shine will offer your child a sense of safety that can only come from having a nightlight nearby. Each pet also projects a picture of its own face along with the stars.

One great feature of DreamLites is the ability to change the colors of the lights! Your child can choose from green, blue, or amber if they want a steady color, or they can even switch on a transition which will change from one color to the next every four seconds. Worry about running down the batteries? Rest easy – the built in timer will shut of your child’s DreamLites pet after twenty minutes. All you have to do is switch the pet from continuous mode to timer mode, and it will be all set.

Pillow Pet Dream Lites also have one major feature in common with their original Pillow Pet counterparts. They can be laid out flat or folded up to make a pet! With four different DreamLites Pillow Pets to choose from, the hardest part will be having to settle for just one! The available Dream Lites include:

  • Rainbow Unicorn
  • Playful Penguin
  • Snuggly Puppy
  • Fluttery Butterfly
  • Tardy Turtle
  • Zippity Zebra
  • Mr. Bear
  • Jolly Giraffe

Give your child peace of mind when they lie down at night and a little bit of fun at the same time. Get the DreamLites from Pillow Pets today.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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  • Author: Justin
    My two year old little girl loves her new dream lite. My only problem is that at times the light starts blinking super fast (like a strobe) and the only way to stop it is to remove the batteries. Which gets pretty inconvenient the 5th or 6th time. Going to take it back for a new one and hope this isn't a problem with all of them.
  • Author: Rita
    The TV commercial shows a zebra dream lite but when I went to buy I couldn't find it anywhere. As a matter of fact the box that shows the different animals available doesn't have the zebra on it.
  • Author: Kristin
    My son loves the zebra on tv, it even shows the zebra with a little boy on the commercial. So why when you go to buy the dream lite on their website they only have the zebra with a pink back. I want to get him one so bad, but don't want him to get made fun of for having a pink zebra.
  • Author: kenziesmom
    My mom just purchased one for my two year old its really cute but i have it in timer mode and it's been blinking for three hours !!! Please help me make it stop
  • Author: Rachel
    My daughter loves her dream light but this morning i noticed it blinking real fast and i cant get it to stop.. if i move the timer switch it slows down but i still cant get it to stop..
  • Author: Dave
    Would give it an excellent, except for the blinking problem. Shane, lighten up. If you have children and they are without special needs, be very thankful.
  • Author: Brook
    Light starts to strobe. There is no way my son can go to sleep with a flashing color changing strobe in the room. Not a good product.
  • Author: Rachel
    My daughter loves it but it blinks like crazy when she tries to turn it off and I have to remove the batteries
  • Author: jennie
    can i get one dream lite a penguein for jennie we live in ill our zip code is 60035 and our phone number is 1847 83157 21
  • Author: Shane
    Pathetic! "Oh..poor me" Your "special needs" child wants a zebra. PLEASE! Do you think that is going to make a business feel bad? Get over yourself. Also, at the actual company web site (you do know how to use google right?) says WEB ONLY! People are a joke.
  • Author: Shay
    My 6-year old absolutely loves his Dreamlite. Mom thinks its pretty cool too. We lie in bed together and it's so relaxing.
  • Author: Christina
    My nearly 5 year old son has been wanting the zebra Dreamlite, but we cannot order it on here, nor can we find it anywhere in all the stores. They ARE in stores such as WalMart. Target, Walgreens, CVS, Toys R Us, but all we keep finding at all of those are the dog and the unicorn Dreamlites.
    Why would they falsely advertise to my 4-5 year old special needs son about a zebra dreamlite being shown on the commercial for Dreamlites, and then not have them available or being sold anywhere else, either! I hope my son's heart doesn't get broken for his 5th birthday....the zebra Dreamlite was all he wanted ;(
  • Author: Roxanne
    No zebra dream lite to be found anywhere. This is what my 5 yr old has been asking for her bday. That's a shame to get a kid hooked on something that is not even offered.
  • Author: Elisa
    I actually have no idea of the quality of them. But many people complain about not being able to find certain ones. They are made by pillow pets, you CAN order them online at http://mypillowpets.com/shop/dreamlites/
    they are not being "falsely advertised"!
  • Author: Sherman Walters - President, ShopAtAsSeenOnTV
    In regards to the complaints about certain styles not being available - I apologize for any confusion. As mentioned by Elisa, these additional styles are currently only available from the manufacturer at DreamLites.com. We do expect to have them available here before the holidays. Please note, however, the shipping time when ordering from manufacturer (4-6weeks). Unless we are out of stock, our goal is ALWAYS to have our direct-ship products out the door within 2-3 business days & on your doorstep within a week. We always appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. We hope to earn your business.
  • Author: Zebra
    I have searched every site and store and noone has the zebra. So please prove me wrong and direct me to where a zebra one is. I went to the website YOU listed and there were none. My 4 year old also has been waiting for the zebra one.....
  • Author: Samantha
    I've been looking for the zebra to, I heard that it will become available in 8-10 weeks. I did buy my son the dog one he loves it, but several times it has started blinking rapidly and won't shut off, I have to remove the batteries to 'reset' it, which is a pain because the battery cover screws on!
  • Author: Joshua
    WHERE IS THE ZEBRA??? MY 4 YEAR OLD NEEDS ONE FOR HIS BIRTHDAY AND IT SOUNDS LIKE HE ISNT THE ONLY ONE!!! If they are going to show it on tv for sale then they should have them in stock!! When there so rare that you have to pay 100.00 on ebay to get one thats bull. So yeah prove me wrong to and show where I can get one. I have been searching for 2 months +
  • Author: christine
    can I have a dream light for Clareuna because she wanted one when she first saw the commercial and her birthday is this month please
  • Author: rick
    Blinking like crazy? there is a reset button on the battery cover. use something like a tiny screw driver to push it in. viola!
  • Author: Frank Z
    I bought it here, but i'm little bit angry bacause today i found it cheaper here: http://topamshop.com
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