InstaBulb Hang Up Light Bulb

InstaBulb Hang Up Light Bulb

INSTABulb Light Bulb from As Seen on TV

No more worries about being without light when you need it the most with the INSTABulb. How many times have you been without electricity and have tried using candles for light? Candles work but they can be messy and dangerous especially when you have children. With the INSTABulb you can have the light you need where you need it.

There is nothing worse than being without light when there are severe storm warnings and the electricity is out. You can feel better and safer with the INSTABulb. Place the light, pull the string and you are ready to go. These are perfect to have in your home emergency kits, RVs, boats or wherever you may be.

The INSTABulb looks like a regular household light that can be attached to a wall or just carried in your hand when you need the light to move with you. The light bulb stays cool to the touch keeping you as well as curious children or others from getting burned. One of the greatest things about the INSTABulb is that you donít have the messy wax or smelly lamp oil to deal with which is a definite bonus. With the shape and style you have a light that is safe and easy to use.

The INSTABulb comes with a ten year guarantee. It operates on battery power and can be placed anywhere that you need more lighting. Having one in the pantry keeps you from having to search forever for that one item you need when cooking. Using these lights in your RV can help shine some light on things without having to worry about being a drain on the electrical system. You can even put one of these on the stairwell to help prevent falls from poor lighting.

It doesnít matter where you use your INSTABulb you will love having the convenience of a light that can be placed exactly where you need it and not have to worry about accidental burns. With a ten year guarantee you canít go wrong with this light. Give it a try and you will see just how quickly you will come to love the INSTABulb.

Price: $10.95
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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  • Author: Sherman - President, ShopAtAsSeenOnTV
    Richard - Sorry for your experience but you did not purchase from our site. We don't "add" stuff to orders.

    You likely ordered from the TV site ( and mistakenly put your claim on our site. You should go to their site and click on the customer service link.

    If you're successful at cancelling, feel free to place an order here - it will ship within a few business days & you'll only be charged for what you want.
  • Author: Richard DeShazo
    when ordering this product a ton of other stuff was "ADDED'' to my order even after trying to decline them. we have been unable to contact anyone to cancle this order so i have no idea what this is going to end up costing me RIP OFF
  • Author: Harry W
    This has been an excellent way to light my outside shed without having to run any electricity. Bought 2. The other stays by my nightstand in case the power goes out.
  • Author: Piter W
    I'm little bit angry, because i bought it here, and today i found it cheaper here:
  • Author: guy norman
    I have purchased this product twice and charged to my credit card.I received a e-mail stating that a back-order was in place due to customer demands.I have yet received any product . Guy Norman
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