Nightview NV Night Vision Glasses

Nightview NV Night Vision Glasses
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Night View NV
Nightview Night Vision NV Glasses that Remove Glare and Make for Easier Driving

Consumers who wear prescription glasses are familiar with the downside of corrective lenses when driving. Often the glare of the late-afternoon or early-evening sun on the windshield as well as their glasses makes seeing practically impossible, and driving without proper vision can be a road hazard for them and other drivers alike. Introducing the Nightview Night Vision Glasses.

Nightview NV Driving Glasses can offer a possible solution for all of us who suffer from impaired vision due to the glare from late-afternoon sunlight or bright street lights after dark. These glasses boast increased sight ability regardless of outside weather condition, and they are capable of turning fuzzy, unclear images into crystal clear sight that makes driving and other daily functions a whole lot easier at dusk and beyond . These glasses are specialized to reduce glare from sun, street lights and weather elements such as sleet snow or rain, and they make driving much much easier.

Nightview night vision glasses are specially coated to reduce harmful glare from sunlight or oncoming traffic headlights, which makes driving a whole lot safer. If sensitivity to high-powered light impairs vision while driving, these glasses are a must-have. No matter what outside conditions may be, these As Seen on TV glasses allow for clearer vision, less impairment and safer driving conditions for the wearer as well as other drivers on the road with them.

The Nightview driving glasses have been featured on several TV shows and infomercials. Glare during nighttime driving is a big problem for all of us, and these innovative glasses reduce the problem to zero, allowing for clearer vision, reducing the chances of poor vision during difficult driving conditions encountered on the road. Dealing with constant glare from streetlights or passing traffic often results in unsafe driving conditions due to reduced visibility, and these glasses remove those hazards outright while leaving the driver in full control of the vehicle - without having to worry about covering their eyes or temporary blindness due to flashing (or approaching) bright lights.

The Nightview NV Glasses are aviator style glasses that also offer protection against UVA and UVB rays. They are sure to get people's attention, while providing a safe field of vision regardless of external conditions. These glasses are also designed to last, and they're incredibly durable and reliable.

Regular sunglasses may reduce harmful rays from the sun, but do nothing for the blue-light spectrum that comes from streetlights or oncoming headlights. Since these glasses use yellow coating on their surface, it blocks blue light outright and limits the effects of reduced vision due to weather or poor/bright lighting. Users do not have to risk the headache (or the accidents) by having to strain just to see the road ahead of them, and they don't have to shield their eyes from uncomfortable, painful glare. Although these glasses are perfectly compatible with driving, but they're also useful for a wide varieties of other activities including skiing and boating where glare may be a negative factor in increased vision and reliability.

If glare is reducing sight ability, the Nightview NV Glasses provide a safe and affordable solution. Vision remains intact, and users can enjoy safer driving conditions and less hazards to compete with on the road.

Offer Details: Buy One Get One FREE! Purchase one pair of Night View glasses for $10 & get another pair FREE (just pay separate S&H charges of $7.95). The total for both pairs of glasses comes to $25.90. Or you’ll have the option to upgrade to the Deluxe NV glasses for $20 ($35.90 total). The Deluxe model includes polarized & scratch-resistant lenses with a full 1-year warranty, instead of 30 days.

Note: This product is processed & shipped from the manufacturer – please allow 3 to 4 weeks for shipping.

Price: $10.00
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