Posture Now Corrective Bands

Posture Now Corrective Bands
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Posture Now: As Seen on Shark Tank

As more and more of us spend our professional lives sitting behind a desk, glaring at a computer screen all day, itís no surprise that our posture greatly suffers. This just isnít the most optimal position for our bodies to be in on a day-to-day basis. And the long-term effects of poor posture are well-known: as we age, bad posture becomes more and more difficult to correct and will have negative effects on our bones & muscles.

Unless regular visits to a chiropractor are in your budget, you may want to consider trying Posture Now Ė one of the most effective posture-correcting devices on the market & recently featured on the hit TV show, The Shark Tank.

Posture Now works on the principle of muscle memory & the creation of good posture habits. Using two comfortable, neoprene armbands, combined with a flexible elastic tension band, this device constantly reminds you and trains your brain to pull your shoulders back into a proper posture position. Itís comfortable enough to wear either inside your clothes or outside your clothes. And you can wear it during just about ANY activity Ė cooking in the kitchen, on your daily walk, sitting behind a desk, watching TV or while youíre shopping at the grocery store. Everyday movements are in no way restricted and you can perform any of your daily activities.

By wearing Posture Now for 10-30 minutes a day for 30 days, you will begin to notice that your brain begins to do the work for you & your habits will have changed enough that you can begin to wear it less & less.

What differentiates Posture Now from other posture-correcting devices is that most other devices on the market are uncomfortable & difficult to wear. They rely more on pulling your shoulders under the arm pit area which constricts your circulation and may lead to chafing. And they cause your body to rely on these devices, rather than simply training and strengthening the back for a more permanent posture improvement solution. With Posture Now, you are using your own muscles to re-train your mind & body to correct itself.

Unless you do something about it now, your poor posture is only going to worsen and cause more severe issues as you age. This is simple fact! Just put Posture Now on the same way that you would put on a coat or jacket. Itís very simple to use.

When you order today for the reduced price of $39.95, you will receive a 30-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for ANY reason, you can return it for refund of the purchase price.

Good posture is the foundation for feeling more confident, looking thinner, feeling healthier & younger and looking taller. Try it now! Itís never too late.

Price: $39.95
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Customer Reviews
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  • Author: Harry Wikes
    What a fantastic product! I can't say enough good things about it. So glad I found it.
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